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Golden Gravel, Turf & Topsoil Suppliers
Greenvale Garvel , Turf & topsoil , Lancashire & Yorkshire Bark, Cheshire Garden turf
Categories:- Garden supplies , Turf , Topsoil , Gravel
Topiary Frames
Discover our lifelike three-dimensional topiary frames and templates. They are made of galvanised steel and chicken-wire for a longer life. 
They can be used to train and shape boxwood, ivy or any other suitable climbers into your favourite animal or geometrical shape; compatible plants can also be mixed to great effect. Each frame provides easy open and close access thanks to two fasteners.
Categories:- Garden supplies , Topiary

Cargo Nets
We are supplier of Cargo Netting, Bubble Wrap,Weed Control ,Cricket netting , Weed control fabric , Safety netting,Skip nets, Coloured netting, Knotted netting, Boundary netting, Weed control fabric, Weed fabric, Ground cover.
Categories:- Garden supplies

Wheelie Bin Covers
supply a range of quality wheelie bin covers. Blend your wheelie bin into foliage, hedges, bushes or make it a feature with a Wheelie Bin Cover. We supply quality FSC pine Wheelie Bin Covers. For maximum flexibility, our environmentally-friendly Wheelie Bin Covers are available in two sizes, either as a single cover, or a double cover. Screen your bin or make it a feature with a Wheelie Bin Cover. With our attractive design your wheelie bin need never spoil the appearance of your patio or garden again.
Categories:- Garden supplies

Non UK sites

:Lawn Sprinklers Your #1 supplier for Sprinkler Parts - was started as a great and economical place for homeowners and contractors alike to find all of their irrigation needs.
Categories:- Garden supplies , irrigation , watering , sprinklers ,

Patio misting systems, Shade sails
Cool-Off high pressure misting systems and mist kits are easy to install commercial grade cooling systems. Our High Pressure Mist Systems uses advanced Triplex Plunger Pumps that are lighter, smaller, and quieter.
Categories:- Garden supplies , Misting systems , Patios,

  Gardening Supplies (1 , 2 , 3 , 4)