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Mail order nursery, Irish grown hardy plants shrubs trees, etc. Free Articles and advice. Local Planting service and plants for sale international and Nationwide Delivery. Read Articles on plants and gardening. Gardens Designed by Columb Inches site description: small nursery selling plants,shrubs trees, hous eplants. Articles on Gardening in all conditions. Plants difficult conditions. Hedging plants rare and unusual. Based in Wexford Ireland serving Ireland UK and EU markets.
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Cherry Trees Feature 6 best varieties of black, red and white cherries on dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks. Buy our sweet cherries at reduced prices.
Categories : plants . nurseries

A superb and ever expanding collection of Trees, Shrubs, Climbers, Herbaceous Perennials, Grasses Ferns & Bamboos, Conifers. site description: A wide selection drawn from our own Botanic collection and a lifetimes collecting and from other Botanic & Nursery sources. Many rare and not commonly available plants. All our plants are English grown and English Provenance which means they originate in this country. One of the most comprehensive and extensive ranges of hedging plants available in the country, from Native to Ornamental Tall or Low Growing Evergreen to Berrying Classic to Anti-intruder/Security Hedges. Our container plants are grown in a non peat based compost originating from organic material and developed by us over the last 5 years to provide a superb compost for our plants to grow and thrive in. With our many years experience growing a wide variety of plants we can offer advice on any planting projects.
Categories : plants . nurseries

Scented Geraniums
Living Natural Fragrance for Homes and Gardens Geranium is the customary nickname for the plant most correctly known as pelargonium. Scented geraniums are fascinating members of the family Geraniaceae, genus Pelargonium. The scented geraniums are grown for their foliage. They come in an extraordinary variety of scents and are useful for potpourri, garnishes and flavoring cakes, jellies, and sauces. Scented pelargoniums/geraniums are superb potted patio plants. They are especially well-suited for areas with high summer temperatures. They can also be grown as an indoor plant and will move inside quite happily when outdoor temps sink too close to freezing. The oil glands of scented geraniums are located on the back of the leaves and open as the temperature rises. These oils actually act as coolant for the plant. A great container plant. Living natural fragrance for home and garden.
Categories : plants , geraniums , pelargonium

Lawn grass seed
A worldwide supplier of Lawn, Pasture and Turf Grass Seed at wholesale pricing direct to the public. Best prices on grass seed guaranteed.
Categories : plants , seeds , lawns , grass

Hopes Grove Garden Nursery
Hopes Grove Nurseries, the best gardening nursery in the UK. Hopes Grove Garden Nurseries Kent have a wide range on hedges & plants available online.
Categories : plants . nurseries

Flower Bulbs and Perennials
Create beautiful gardens or landscapes with flowering plants. Daylilies, daffodils, lilies and many others are great for naturalizing. Get information on plants, cut flower arrangements, landscaping ideas and much more.
Categories:- Bulbs , Plants

Garden Plants ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )

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