Wayfaring Tree (Hedging)


The Wayfaring Tree is a dense and upright shrub that becomes spreading as it ages. Viburnum lantana has thick, dark green foliage and bears creamy-white flowers in May. Green fruits start to form when flowering is finished, turning orange-red and then black. All three fruit colours can be seen in the same cluster at the same time, making for a particularly ornamental display. Tough foliage helps this shrub maintain its colourful appearance, but it is not evergreen and will lose its leaves for a few weeks in winter. Preferring an acid soil, the Wayfaring Tree is listed by the RHS as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’.Supplied as 60 – 90 cm bareroots (24 – 35) Height: 4m (13′). Spread: 4m (13′). Planting distance: 45cm (18).

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