VOLTCRAFT DO-400 DO meter O2 staturation Calibrated to Manufacturer’s standards (with certificate)


Automatic temperature compensation: Yes (built-in); Calibrated to: Manufacturer’s standards (with certificate); Display (test equipment): LCD, Digital, Numeric; GHS / H Statements: H 314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. (H 314), H 302: Harmful if swallowed (H 302), H 290: May be corrosive to metals. (H 290); GHS statements/labelling: Irritant (GHS07) (GHS-07-IRRITANT_SY_00), Corrosive (GHS-05-CORROSIVE_SY_00); Product size (height): 108 mm; Product size (length): 28 mm; Product size (width): 54 mm; Reading type: O2 staturation; Signifier (hazardous material): Danger; Water quality tester type (category): DO meter; Weight: 240 g

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