Stortford Grow House


Exclusive to Coopers of Stortford, this green house is ideal for all size gardens and patios. The Stortford Grow House is perfect for growing your own flavoursome tomatoes (taste 10 times better than supermarket tomatoes and so much cheaper!), delicious cucumbers, chillies, peppers, or for bringing plants, cuttings and seedlings on, or over wintering fuchsias, geraniums etc.Comes complete with 2 sets of removable staged shelving, it’s easy to construct (no need for tools), is a full working height and folds away for compact storage. Made from a strong tubular steel frame, it comes with an extra heavy-duty reinforced cover (please don’t compare it to other cheaper green houses on the market which are made from sandwich bags!) that has a roll up zipped door and measures approx. 143cm x73cm x195cm (4ft 8 ¼in x2ft 4 ¾in x6ft 4 ¾in). Why not purchase our optional Frost Fleece Cover which will give improved frost protection (-5/6 degrees) and insulation without producing condensation?

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