Rissington Self-Watering Wheeled Planter & Trellis


Climbers look great in pots but you either have to push them against a wall or fence or find some way for them to climb. Not with these planters! They have a built-in trellis so all you have to worry about is what plants to choose. The planters are mounted on lockable castors, too, so that you can move them around with ease. Perfect for when you have just planted them up and are not sure where to put them, but great too if you want to create a temporary privacy barrier.That’s not where the features stop. In the base of the planter is a massive 7.6 litre reservoir that you can fill with water to keep the roots of your plants moist for days. It is so easy to fill (there’s a plug in the corner) and an indicator level tells you when it needs re-filling. So now you can go away without worrying about who is going to water the plants. Position the planters on a patio, terrace or anywhere else in the garden to bring the area instantly to life.

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