Rhododendron ‘Palestrina’


With spectacular, exotic white flowers, Rhododendron ‘Palestrina’ is a wonderful plant for late spring, when it becomes full of large blooms. What a great plant for those looking for white flowered shrubs. A perfect choice for those with a white garden, where only plants with white flowers are planted. It is also fantastic planted alongside other Rhododendron varieties that produce more vibrant coloured flowers. Its a Rhododendron that does not grow too big, making it suitable for average sized residential gardens. Rhododendron ‘Palestrina’ is evergreen and its dark glossy foliage will remain on the plant throughout the year. Very easy to grow and no real maintenance required, the RHS awarded the plant its Award of Garden Merit. ¬†Height: 150cm (59). Spread: 150cm (59).

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