Quest for the Knights of the Round Table


An elaborate wall tapestry. Woven by Master Flemish weavers on a Jacquard loom using a wool blend giving a heavy textured weave. From a wall tapestry by William Morris (1836-1896). These are the arms of certain Knights of the round table bidden to seek the unicorn on the quest whatever might befall. Of those Knights that thus departed these are the shield of Sir Gawaine of Orkney Sir Lancelot Sir Hector Demarys Sir Bors Sir Percival and Sir Galahad. King Arthur was an enigmatic Celtic leader of the 6th Century but in the Middle Ages his exploits were enlarged upon with such romantic imaginary that by the 12th Century – when the Knights had been linked to the quest for the Holy Grail he had become the legendary hero of European chivalry.Please Note: The Tapestry hanging rod is not included.

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