Plant Pot Trolley


Lift and move the heaviest pots with ease! Avoiding back and knee strain when moving heavy pots is so much easier when you have the right equipment! This versatile Plant Pot Trolley allows you to move weighty containers effortlessly, whether they are made of cast iron, heavy stone or just full of soil and plants. Weighing just 3.7kg (8lb), it can carry pots from 20-75cm (8-29½in) high, and weighing up to a massive 75kg with the minimum of effort. Simply slide the adjustable grabber arms down, rest the pot against the rubber buffers and tilt back to a comfortable angle – it even carries awkward rectangular containers. Steady and easily manoeuvrable thanks to its wide wheel base and 19cm (7½in) wheels, it has a tubular steel frame and comes in Coopers Green. Simple home assembly required.

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