Petunia ‘Easy Wave Ultimate Mixed’


We’ve now extended our ‘Easy Wave?’ colour mixture to include EIGHTEEN different colours; ranging from solid colours to stripes and picotees! We doubt you’ll find a more useful mix of petunia plants, they are certainly more appealing than the limited colour palette on offer at most garden centres. Petunia ‘Easy Wave?’ is a naturally trailing plant with exceptional weather tolerance. Popular all around the world, and rightly so!Clothe beds, flower PouchesĀ® and all types of patio containers in swathes of colour, with this astonishingly versatile petunia. It’s rapid growth, unique prostrate habit, and prolific blooms make Petunia ‘Easy Wave?’ adaptable to almost any garden situation ? it even makes an excellent ground cover plant! This vibrant mix has all the qualities of cutting-raised plants at a fraction of the cost.

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