Holly (Hedging)


A well known British native, particularly for its red berries at Christmas; Holly is a prickly evergreen shrub which makes a fine evergreen hedge. The dark green, glossy leaves provide a lovely foil for lighter coloured shrubs and perennials and its tolerance to clipping makes it a good choice for formal hedges. Ilex aquifolium is slow growing so needs less maintenance than other shrubs and the spiny leaves are an excellent deterrent to intruders. A strong alternative to Yew, Holly can be grown as a single species hedge or included in mixed native hedges to provide all year round interest and shelter for birds and mammals. Height: 12m (39′). Spread: 8m (26′). Supplied as  30 – 45 cm potted plants  (12 – 18). Planting distance: 45cm (18).

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