Gothic Manuscript Tapestry Door Curtain


This Gothic Manuscript Tapestry Door Curtain is a fully lined Jacquard woven chenille. This ornate curtain design has been inspired from ancient manuscripts. The growth for literacy during the 15th century had provided an increasing demand for books including translations from Latin and French. The most sumptuous manuscripts were especially commissioned by the wealthy as possessions of beauty to compliment their tapestries and plate. Books of heraldry etiquette law and languages were popular just as technical manuals are today. While romance poetry and history were read for pleasure. The age of manuscript was drawing to a close by the end of the 15th Century. One of the first works from the printing press of William Caxton was "Play of the [game of] chess". Caxton and his imitators produced hundreds of titles revolutionising the book trade.Key Features:Fully lined door curtainItalian textile curtain created in Cornwall EnglandDry clean only

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