Gamesson Sport Kubb Original Red King


Bex Sport Kubb Original Red King Kubb is a classic Viking game that has been played for over 1000 years and is sometimes referred to as Viking chess. The object of Kubb is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. Made from rubber wood, this game includes, 1 King with red crown (30x7cm), 6 throwing sticks (30x4cm), 10 Knights (15x6cm), 4 area markers, 1 cotton bag with handles, rules and instructions. The perfect lawn game for summer entertaining and lazy evenings. Key Features: > H31cm x W 24cm x D 16cm > Rubber wood > Balls & Garden Games > 7kg Please call us on 01623 745 467 with any queries relating to this product. 511-011-1

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