Fumagalli Noemi Traditional Black Garden Lantern On Gigi Lamp Post


Constructed from a shockproof black resin material, the Noemi hexagonal lantern & bollard is completely UV-stable, free from rust and corrosion, features a high temperature resistant ceiling, holds an IP55 rating, is suitable for ballast fixation, and is a classy traditional model sure to find a home in any contemporary or traditonal garden. Mounted on a Fumagalli Gigi post; this light offers the same structural resiliance as steel, however requires absolutely maintenance due to Fumagallis resin production. Using a steel core, these posts are as strong as any steel post commonly found, and are then coated with a high-density polyurethane for lightweight and durable cohesion between the core and the final outer resin shell. The shell of this post is molded from a single piece of shockproof resin with no joints or weak points, and is incredibly low maintenance as it does not rust, will not corrode in salt winds, is paste molded (ie not painted, so no touch ups to colour will ever be required), and self-extinguishes in a fire situation. This makes the Fumagalli Noemi lantern and Gigi post combination not only strong, low maintenance, stylish, and safe; it also results in a massive cut to cost, making this item incredibly competivley priced when weighed against its many features. Main Features: E27 Lamp fitting Stylish traditional design Shockproof Rustproof Non-corrosive IP55 Rated Self-Extinguishing with high temperature resistance No paint required Technical Specification: Bulb Fitting: E27 ES Height: 1.7m Post, 53cm lantern  2.23M total Weight: 15.2 Kg Post, 3.5 Kg Lantern 18.7 Kg total Diameter: 245cm max Dia. Main Materials: Shatterproof resin, Steel, Rigid Polyeurethane To view the manufacturers manual for this product, Click Here This product comes with a 1 Year Warranty from the manufacturer

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