Field maple (Hedging)


The only Acer native to the UK, the Field Maple naturally forms a medium-sized tree but also clips wonderfully into a dense, deciduous hedge. Distinctive lobed leaves emerge green tinged with red, becoming fully green throughout summer, before turning to a glorious buttery gold in autumn. The small spring flowers are followed by familiar winged ‘helicopter’ fruits in autumn. Tough and easy to grow, Acer campestre will happily tolerate coastal and exposed positions. An ideal addition to informal wildlife hedges, the Field Maple is also suitable for creating more formal hedges due to its compact, dense habit. Height: 12m (39′). Spread: 8m (26′). Supplied as 60 – 90cm bareroots (24 – 35). Planting Distance: 30 – 45 cm (12 – 18).

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