Empress Orchid Centrepiece


What do you give the most powerful woman in the world? Simple – a brand new title. That was what Disraeli decided, and in 1876 he humbly suggested that Queen Victoria also become Empress of India. The Queen was particularly susceptible to Disraeli’s flattery which, as he explained to a colleague, should be laid on with a trowel. Anyway, Victoria not only agreed to her favourite prime minister’s suggestion, but was apparently delighted by it. Just as you’ll be delighted with this stunning new Empress Orchid. Extravagant, magnificent – a true monarch among orchids – it’s multi-stemmed, rooted in faux moss and ‘growing’ in a handsome, oriental-style planter. Sure to be the focal point of any room, it would make a very special present for a very special person. And it’s a lot more attainable than a sub-continent!

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