Crab apple (Hedging)


A British native, Crab Apple trees are naturally small and make an ideal hedging plant. In late spring a profusion of white-pink blossoms smother the plant, which are fantastic for bees. These are followed by small yellow-green crab apples which become flushed red and often remain on the tree well after leaf fall. The leaves also take on fiery autumn shades of yellow, orange and red for spectacular late season colour. With high wildlife value, Malus sylvestris is ideal grown as part of a native hedgerow or grown alone as an informal deciduous hedge. The fruits can even be used to make tangy crab apple jelly which is a perfect accompaniment to roast meats. Height: 12m (39′). Spread: 8m (26′). Supplied as 60 – 90cm bareroots (24 – 35). Planting distance: 30cm (12).

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