Copper Beech (Hedging)


Hedging needn’t be just in shades of green, consider Fagus sylvatica, a classic copper beech instead. Copper beech is easy to care for as it just needs clipping once or twice a year to maintain it’s density and overall shape. It’s natural habit is to form a thick hedge as it’s branches intertwine making it an ideal choice for security reasons as well as aesthetics, it can grow up to 12 metres if you wish but can look equally good as a lower hedge or screen. Fagus sylvatica holds most of it’s crisp colourful leaves over winter when other trees and bushes have dropped their dead leaves and only sheds them when the new seasons foliage starts to appear offering privacy through the year. The added bonus is that you can gather the fallen leaves in spring to make a rich and crumbly leaf mould to use as mulch next year. Supplied as 50 – 80 cm bareroots (20 – 31). Height: 12m (39′). Spread: 8m (26′). Planting distance: 30cm (12).

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