Celtic Circle Tapestry Plaque


A fine hand crafted tapestry wall plaque. The ancient Celts believed all living things were spiritual mystical beings not just inanimate objects to be exploited.They believed trees in particular were a source of great wisdom with the power to bridge the gap between the upper & lower worlds and bring blessings from the gods.Trees provide sustenance for people and animals; they are a source of healing medicinal extracts. Their wood provides materials to build shelter as well as fires for preparing nourishing meals warming the body on a cold night or engaging in spiritual rituals.When a tribe cleared the land for a settlement they always left a great tree in the middle known as the crann bethadh (krawn ba-huh) or Tree of Life as the spiritual focus and source of well-being.This wall plaque pictures the iconic Celtic knots in a beautiful geometric pattern. The highly intricate tapestry is hand finished in the UK. This tapestry makes a great gift for someone who is interested in the history of the ancient Celts.Key Features: Hand finished tapestry plaquePlease Note:Fabrics by their nature are flexible during storage humidity and temperature may occasionally affect their shape and also cause creasing. To help a tapestry hang better we recommend using a dry iron on a 'Cotton' setting. Lightly iron the tapestry from the centre towards the edges [on the face]. In very extreme cases the Tapestry can be stretched by pulling the panel gently by hand diagonally.

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