Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36 2.0Ah Cordless Grass Trimmer


Comfortable and easy to manoeuvre, the Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36 2.0Ah Cordless Grass Trimmer provides powerful cutting in different conditions for more efficient gardening. Weighing just 4kg you’ll find it extremely lightweight and the ergonomic, cordless design ensures good balance that helps you work for longer as well as delivering excellent mobility. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, so there’s no discharge or battery effect, meaning it’s always ready to use, and for added convenience it recharges in just an hour and a half and has a run time of up to 35 minutes.This innovative model also features an easy spool-change design and a twin-line system for a smoother and more convenient cut, as well as a semi-auto-spool mechanism which feeds the line as you trim – meaning there’s no need to keep bumping it. The second handle delivers extra comfort and control, while the plant protector keeps your plants and bark safe when you’re working, making it easier to achieve a neatly trimmed lawn. Features and Benefits Lightweight cordless design – Makes the trimmer comfortable, ergonomic and easy to move. Lithium-ion battery – Means the mower is always ready to use and recharges in just 90 minutes. Twin-line cutting system – Delivers a more convenient and efficient cut. Semi-automatic line feed – For uninterrupted gardening work. Specifications Model: 0600878N71 Cordless electric Battery: Rechargeable 36V Li-ion, 2.0Ah Battery charge time: 90 mins Running time: Up to 35 mins Cutting width: 30cm Semi auto-spool with 1.6mm x 6m line Dimensions: H78 x W22 x D13cm Weight: 4kg Guarantee: 2 years

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