Agri-Fab Agri-Fab SmartLink TurfShark Curved Blade Aerator


The SmartLink system from Agri-Fab is a totally unique system which allows you to take care of your lawn in an unprecedented way. This master platform can be used with a wide range of SmartLink items which are perfect for a variety of applications around the garden including aeration, rolling and dethatching. Just start with the SmartLINK Master Platform and choose the tools you want for the results you want.The Agri-Fab TurfShark 41" curved blade aerator SmartLink attachment combines the best features of a plug aerator and a spike aerator, allowing for thorough soil penetration without the use of messy soil plugs. Featuring 10 galvanized blades, this aerator attachment links quickly and easily to the versatile SmartLink platform and is perfect for allowing water and nutrients to reach deep into lightly compacted soil.

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