Adria solar stream pump system


The stream pump system Adria with solar operation This particularly powerful stream pump is supplied with energy through 2 x 25 W solar modules. Through the high flow rate, it is ideal for impressive streams. When the sun shines on the solar modules, a wonderful stream and therefore optimal movement of water is created in your garden pond. Technical data: Solar module: – Output: each 25 W – Rated voltage: 17.28 V – dimensions (L x W x H): 615 x 345 x 30 mm – Weight: 2500 g Pump: – Max. flow rate: 3800 l/h – Max. flow rate: 3 m – Cable length: 5 m – dimensions (L x W x H): 295 x 222 x 148 mm Note: The pump is not suitable for winter use and must be protected from frost.

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