Acana Moth Monitoring Kit


Acana’s Moth Monitoring Kit has been specially developed to attract and trap moths without the use of harsh chemicals. Acana are the specialists in moth traps and moth killers, This trap kit monitors your home and alerts you at the first signs of an infestation, using the latest pheromone technology to attract adult moths and help identify their presence before it becomes a problem. The kit has a large 100sq. cm sticky surface area to ensure an effective and efficient solution for dealing with moths. The product can stand on it’s own, hang or be attached to most surfaces to give you freedom and flexibility over where it’s placed. Additionaly the trao comes with a unique end-of-life indicator so that you know when it needs replacing. Each pack lasts roughly eight weeks, and for added convenience the kit also includes a refill two pack. Features and benefits Advanced pheromone technology – Attracts and traps moths safely and efficiently. It does not kill them, trapping them instead to confirm a moth issue exists. End-of-life indicator – Tells you when to replace your Acana moth traps so your clothes and fabric are always moth-free. Versatile design – Can be hung, stood up or attached to most surfaces so that you can find the right place to tackle moths. Specifications End-of-life indicator Product surface area: 100sq. cm What’s Included 2 x Moth Traps 1 x Refill – 2 Pack

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