Acana Moth Killer Carpet and Fabric Kit


Banish moth infestations with Acana’s highly effective Moth Killer Carpet Kit. This licensed insecticide uses the latest in technology to make killing moths, larvae and eggs straightforward and efficient, providing you with a comprehensive solution to pest problems while also giving your carpets a pleasantly fresh and clean fragrance. Optimised for carpets but also ideal for use on larger items that can’t be stored, this powerful formulation won’t stain any of your materials and is also effective against carpet beetles, silver fish and dust mites. Part of the Acana ‘System of Care’ range, it is a proven 1st response to any infestation, and an efficient path to a pest-free home, and offers instant results, killing moths within 15 minutes. Features and benefits Stops moths coming back – Formulated with insecticides to wipe out the eggs and larvae as well as the adult moths. Does not stain – Making it ideal for use even on expensive items. Pleasant scent – Fragranced with lavender for a clean, fresh fragrance. Long lasting – A 500ml bottle treats approx. 25 sq metres Specifications Formulated with Bayer Transfluthrin Licensed insecticide What’s Included 2 X 500ML Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer 1 x 275ml Fabric Moth killer

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