98 litres – parcel box EBoxx, height 57.5 cm


eBoxx parcel box with 98 l capacity and a height of 57.5 cm With the eBoxx parcel box, parcel couriers can deliver your parcels even if you are not at home as packages up to 54 x 34 x 40.5 cm in size fit into the box. The parcel box is equipped with a special safety latch. The parcel courier can open the flap by the push of a button. After they have inserted the package, they activate the final safety lock by pushing a button. Now the box is locked and can only be opened by key to remove the package. The parcel box eBoxx is laser-welded and is equipped with a sophisticated ventilation system. A notification card for continuous use, as well as blank forms for agreements with package couriers, is included. The box is equipped with a corrosion resistant, three-point lock and three hinges, a door stop, a door lock to prevent unintentional opening and a child safety lock.

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