3-prong weeder 10 cm Wolf Combisystem Multi-Star IE-M


Snap & Click. Endless Possibilities.The multi-star® concept centres around simplicity: a set of handles with different lengths that can be attached to over 70 different quick-release gardening tools. Multi-star® does wonders for your backMany people suffer from back problems. And it’s our back that tends to remind us of the importance of good posture. Protect your back choosing from different multi-star® handle lengths to keep proper postural alignment, reducting stress and strain on your spine during gardening. Wolf tillage tools are ergonomically designed, come with an optimised working angle reducing stress and effort levels when digging or turning over soil.Quality you can trustWolf multi-star® products are made in Germany. Choosing a Wolf product means choosing quality materials, quality manufacturing, innovative features and contemporary design. Wolf products come with a 10-year warranty that applies to all multi-star® tools, multi-star® mini tools, multi-star® attachments for tree care without requiring a ladder, small garden utensils and handheld pruners (excludes wear and tear).

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