20Led Pk2 Superbright Reading Light


This amazing super-bright 20-LED light is ideal for reading, writing and craftwork. It has 20 high-intensity, virtually indestructible white LED lights that boast up to 100,000 hours of burn time. The clear white light allows you to read and concentrate for longer than under normal bulbs, and poor lighting conditions can cause eye fatigue, headaches and blurred vision. There are 2 rows of 10 LED lights, which you can operate either one or both rows, depending on the level of brightness required – making it great to use in bed so you don’t disturb your partner. The head pivots 180ยบ straight up and down so you can have light shining directly where you want it. With its dual power source, it provides more than 200 hours of continuous use from one set of batteries (requires 3x D batteries – not supplied), or it can be powered from an AC adaptor (not supplied) making it ideal for use as a desk or bedside light when reading or doing close-up work. It measures 25.5cm x10.5cm (10 1/8 in x4 1/8in) when the head is at 90 degrees.

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