110Volt Makita UC3551A 35cm Electric Chainsaw (110V)


The Makita UC3551A 35cm Electric Chainsaw is sturdy, reliable and highly manoeuvrable. It features a brand new adjustment lever which means you can easily and quickly adjust the tension of the chain without the need for tools, maximising your time completing the task at hand. The shape of the longitudinal motor provides the user with greater flexibility of movement and manoeuvrability than it's predecessor and the improved oil pump ensures delivery of the chain oil is consistent and constant regardless of the oils temperature and viscosity. The UC3551A features a variety of safety enhancements which include soft start of the machine itself, a torque limiter, an electric chain brake as well as a kick back brake for added protection. There is a handy oil fill level window so you know when to refill the saw and the body has double insulation and an electronic current limiter for overload protection. The ergonomic soft grip means excellent control over the application of the saw and there is a large separate-type metal spike bumper which works to grip the work-piece firmly, providing optimum control.

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